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4 SuperWomen to Watch

As a Black Woman, I stan for my SuperWomen Sisters! I have group chats specifically dedicated to my Queens where we crack up at memes, boost each other up, and advocate for each other day-in and day-out. And yes, we talk about me too...but this aint about yall! We all gotta have our squad to make it through this Pon di Riva!

That’s why I thought it would be important to start my very FIRST blog shouting out FOUR SUPERWOMEN (like Nina Simone’s “Four Women”) who have been slaying the game and deserve their flowers RIGHT NEOWWW!💐 💐💐 💐

#1 - DeSz

First up, my SHOW BESTIE, DeSz!

Picture it! Summer 2020! I just finished my shooting my Blind audition for NBC’s The Voice and my ponytail was OFF…not about to fall off, OFF. I was deep in the throws of texting my family while trying not to sweat my makeup off before my interview. I leaned back and realized that I was sitting on my ponytail! My edges may not have betrayed me but my pony certainly did! I screamed out to DeSz to SAVE me! Just like the SuperWoman she is, she saved the day and got me together! She took EVERY pin she could find out of my head and started over and 2 minutes later, I was ready for my interview and she was hopping in the whip to go do her audition! We’ve pretty much been attached at the hip ever since then!

Speaking of Desz, did you hear her audition, singing Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart?” She blew it OUTTTT the water!

Without DeSz on NBC’s The Voice, Season 19, my experience wouldn’t have been nearly as fun, exciting and exhilarating. It never felt like a competition because we both believed we all could eat and we could all win in the end! I was so proud seeing her be the LAST WOMAN STANDING in the Top 5 and I’m even more proud that she joined my SOULSTICE: SuperWoman Concert back in February!

Also make sure to check out this superwoman’s latest single, Fading on Apple Music.

#2 - Stout

You might remember her as a special guest on THE TERELL SHOW last season, but I know her as my homegirl & my Funk Apostles family! When I joined Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles in 2019, I connected with the powerhouse known as STOUT! She puts the POWER in powerhouse, but she also puts the HEART in sweetheart ‘cause she’s the SWEETEST! I enjoy listening to her as much as I enjoyed working with her.

Make sure to check out her latest music video for her empowering song, “Alright OK” and her 2021 Single, “For you”! Tell her I sent ya!

#3 - Cherise Ebony Mattheson


While my career was growing in 2019, I realized I still needed to focus on what I EXACTLY wanted my life to look AND feel like. So, when I met Cherise, it was the best thing that could happen. Cherise was the facilitator of a great Vision Board Party and I was the Hired Entertainment! Her advice and pointers were so effective that I took my notes and applied them towards making my own goals tangible and specific! Of course, we clicked and stayed connected! We have not only become colleagues but friends and I’m so blessed to have her as a sounding board for business.

I recommend buying pretty much ANYTHING she’s selling because I’ve either learned something from her books or been able to treat myself kindly with her self-care line!

Even though 2020 had major detours, I never lost sight of my vision because my Board was always staring me dead in the face! Fast Forward to 2021, I invited my fellow SuperWoman to co-host a Virtual Vision Board Party in January where we discussed how my vision board party helped me elevate my career and how it could help my Good Luck Charms!

If you want REAL BLUEPRINTS and ROADMAPS for the life you envision for yourself, grab Cherise’s D.V.R. Guide TODAY!

#4 - Ayana George

Last, but certainly not least, Ayana George! I met this amazing Queen while we were both performing in Thompson & Webb’s production of the First Noel. We kept in touch and seeing her soar with John Legend was everything I needed to see to know I could soar too! She has always availed herself to me as a big sister and is one of the few people I allow to check me no questions asked!

We both knew what it felt like to be a performer with natural hair! Especially, when the hair and makeup team didn’t look like you, a black girl would just have to make it work! 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

And that’s what Ayana did! While still performing with Jazmine Sullivan and Uncle John (John Legend), she was busy building her hair company: Sable Luxury Hair Collection. During quarantine, she went into this hair venture full steam ahead and I couldn’t be more proud to support her venture.

When you saw my bad and boujee KINKY STRAIGHT Bundles when I sang Higher Ground on The Voice, please know that those hair flips were due to my fellow SUPERWOMAN and BIG sister, Ayana George (CEO of Sable Luxury Hair Collection). She launched her website last year and I couldn’t wait to buy up everything she had! I really do believe in it! Her hair collection literally SAVED my life from the wrath of Black Twitter during The Voice!

Check out my interview with her!

Alright, Good Luck Charms! Lemme get into this ‘Curves and Gains’ virtual workout w/ my DMV sis - Patrice! Till next time, grab yourself some SuperWoman gear and bop to my song, “Superwoman (Live)!” 💃🏾


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