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Black JOY is Resistance Playlist

The resilience and innovation of black people is unmatched! As a kid, I remember always laughing at EVERYTHING!! As an adult, I've found that I have had to fight to maintain joy and sometimes feeling guilty for laughing during times when the collective is grieving. I've now learned that there is still a place for joy while we are grieving! I love playlists like this when I need to experience joy!

This playlist is great for:

  • Low to medium impact workouts

  • Road trips or long rides

  • Morning Routine

  • Studying

  • House & Yard Work

  • Community Activities (food drives, non-religious gatherings)

  • Brunch background music

Featured artists are my fam: STOUT, Blanche J., Orlando Dixon, Trie Stella, Cory Henry & John Legend a.k.a. Uncle John! It also features the G.O.A.T.s: Esperanza Spalding, Chloe & Halle, Jonathan McReynolds, Mali Music H.E.R., Chance the Rapper and of course, The Queen Bey BEYONCÈ!!

Release any guilt for having joy! In the words of Uncle John, "let's go to the penthouse floor!"


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