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Practicing Professionalism as a Working Music Creative: Digital Footprint & Marketing

Professionalism is one of those things that isn’t explicitly taught in the music industry but is expected for you to exercise! I remember one day realizing that there is no H.R. handbook, professional development or orientation for working as a music creative. You’re just kind of expected to “be professional.” While the previous 4 tips in this series focus on getting you called back, this tip has been made me THE MOST money of all of the tips. That being said, here is my fifth and final actionable and practical tip to exercising professionalism and stay booked, working and making money: a strong digital footprint & marketing!

Digital Footprint & Marketing

I have benefited so much from consistently having a a ready-to-send portfolio and media kit on hand. This isn’t designated to only those marketing tools. A polished and up-to-date digital footprint can include all, some or just one of the following:

Keep social media clean & straight forward. Have clear snapshot of who you are and what services, products, and experiences you have to offer! The most frequent compliment I get from brands and vendors is: your package is so polished, I just had to work with you!

Here are some examples of some polished digital marketing pages:

Jamal's bio says: "God, Mykids, Drums, Production, Fashion, Art, Love= My🌎drumcreds: Diddy, Backstreet Boys, Ariana Grande, Clo, Usher, Daughtry, FOI, TLC, T.I., Natasha Bedingfield & more" and when you go to his page, that is exactly what you will see. Nothing overly organized or overthought, just simply advertising what he does and what professional experience he has.

I am so proud of this media kit! It has been a great snapshot of my professional accomplishments and also gives brands a chance to see what other brand partnerships and experience I have. It also makes it very clear why I need to paid what I charge. I have a rates page as well that I send once a brand asks for rates.

I love Danni Baylor as an artist and friend. Her Youtube channel is simple, straightforward and gives us a generous window into her artistry, not necessarily her life. That is a great way to leverage the loyalty of the Youtube community without the obligation to open your world up to strangers.

Blanche is one of my favorite artists and Soul Sisters easily! Her Soundcloud account has both covers and originals and you get a well-rounded and rich peak into who she is an artist.

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