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Today, we shine a light on Gold + Water Co. They are a boutique soapery, based in Philadelphia, PA. that handcrafts luxurious soap, bath and body products and seek to connect their audience to varying wellness resources. Here are two of my product recommendations:

  • “Grown” and “Pink” Body Butter. My go-to fragrances and my FAVORITE products are their “Grown” and “Pink” body butter! I LOVE “Grown” because it literally smells like JUST THAT! 💁🏾‍♀️ 💁🏾‍♀️ And you know Millennials love feeling grown -- outside of paying bills and taxes! 😆🤣

  • Foaming Bath Milk and Bath Soak. I also love the foaming Bath Milk and Bath Soak. I am not a big fan of taking baths but when I’m performing a lot, I like to relax my muscles for a few or just soak my feet with these! They smell amazing and help create the perfect atmosphere for self-care, rest and relaxation!

Let’s Chat with the Founder & Maker, Chartel!

Chartel, the founder of Gold + Water Co., explains:

Self-care can sound like an unaffordable luxury to many. It doesn’t always feel acceptable to take the time to sit. And soak. In a tub. Or in our feelings. Yet I have found that even seemingly small moments of paying attention to how I am feeling and what my physical needs are, have been an act of resistance and self-preservation during turbulent moments in my own life.

It is my mission to remind you that YOU ARE THE LUXURY. Caring for one's self WELL is not optional. It does not need to take hours. It does not need to deplete your bank account. It is a moment of quiet. It is a deep breath. It is washing with a beautiful soap. It is undoing the day. Like spreading on a body butter, it is residual. It is intentional.

I hope to continue to create products and advocate for resources that are precious gold and cleansing waters, in the midst of life’s inevitable refining fires.”

So, visit TODAY!

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