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The Best Spring SOUL Playlist


What is this playlist giving? A VIBE. A MOOD. A BOP. ALLUM!

This soulful soundtrack perfectly sets the tone for the annual Spring Awakening by featuring indie, emerging and mainstream artists. Feel the rebirth of nature, life and love with these unique, authentic musicians.


The featured artists include:

  • Tamara Jade (YOURS TRULY 💁🏾‍♀️😁)

  • Blanche J.

  • Micki Miller

  • Cory Henry

  • James Tillman

  • Eden Gem

  • Cleo Sol

  • Jade Novah

  • Ajanee

  • Tiana Major9

  • AMI

  • India Shawn and MORE!

This playlist offers an endless number of moods. See them below:

  • Driving Music Playlist ---windows down, cruising down the highway

  • Spring Cleaning Playlist -- throwing away all the unnecessary items while bopping through your spot!

  • Wash Day Playlist -- getting in that good self care while singing along to “Best in Me”!

  • Chief Cypher Playlist -- getting your life with these bomb lyricists!

  • Arm/Chest/Back Day Workout Playlist -- pumping your muscles while these soul-moving artists pump up your spirit!

Start your Spring off right with the Best Spring SOUL Playlist below!


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