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The Outlet 4 Vocal Expression: The Vocal Program with Actual Receipts

In the age of the “Instagram Guru”, I am hesitant to recommend vocal coaches because there are a lot of people saying a lot of things with no receipts to back it up!

But The Outlet4VE (The Outlet For Vocal Expression) hits DIFFERENT!

The reason I love this company so much is because the CEO speaks from both knowledge and experience. I first experienced Jazmin Crumley as a supporting vocalist for Musiq Soulchild right before moving to NYC. The whole night, they stayed in the pocket so I underestimated all of the supporting vocalists UNTIL he gave them solo moments. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, the drummer, my longtime friend Geremy Winbush invited us backstage to meet Musiq and the crew. All three singers were so unselfish with advice when I told them I was moving to NYC. After that, I followed them all QUICKLY and have kept up with these two women via social media since then!

That being said, SHE IS SPEAKING PURE FACTS!!! She always has! Not to mention, she has a decorated and accomplished career as a vocalist to prove it!! Take a look at her career highlights HERE.

Enjoy a BTS concert moment in 2016 at the concert! RECEIPTS OKAY?!?

Check out these FOUR FREE TIPS (more receipts!!!) that Jazmin offers:

#1 - ACTUALLY Plan Out Your Improvisation!

When it comes to improvisation, Jazmin says,

"Plan [every single move] before you actually get on stage so that you know exactly you wanna do and if you’re capable of doing that that! Even if you're great at improvisation, sometimes we get on stage, we might get nervous and might need something to rely on at that moment.”

Learn more about improvisation in the video below!

#2 - Vocal Warm Ups are NOT enough!

When it comes to vocal warm ups, Jazmin says,

“Just like athletes, singers do vocal warmups before a performance just as athletes stretch before a game. But I guarantee you, if you talk to any athlete, the stretching process is absolutely not where that athlete builds the skill, the muscle, the stamina or endurance to be great! They build it in VOCAL CONDITIONING (the process of changing something’s consistent behavior). To condition your voice, you must sit and zone in on your areas of weakness everyday!

Learn more about vocal conditioning in the video below!

#3 - Mess Up BIG when you practice!

On messing up while practicing, Jazmin says,

PRACTICE TIME IS FOR MAKING MISTAKES. But some of us are afraid of hearing our own voice back because we don't wanna hear ourselves mess up and make those mistakes!

BUT.. TWO things can happen when you mess up:

1. You can now know what you want to NOT do at all and can throw that whole little concept away.


2. You may do something that you totally didn’t intend to do, but if you just polish it, you have a whole new idea that you’ve created!”

Learn more about how beneficial mistakes are in practice in the video below!


When asked how long results should take, Jazmin says,

“A lot of that answer depends on YOU and not just your coach. With The Outlet 4VE, it really DOESN'T TAKE ANY TIME to see any type of results/change! However, what you do AFTER that is really kind of on you. Are you doing your homework? If you’ve been consistent and made sure you’re doing the techniques correctly with your coach without any results, then, it may be time to move on to someone that is a better fit.”

Learn more about the results game in the video below!

Click below to book your The Outlet4VE lesson TODAY!


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