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10 Steps to Make Jamaican Ginger Juice from Scratch

In the midst of everything that 2020 was giving, my mother was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, which meant there were bone spurs growing in between her vertebrae. She would feel sharp pains in her body, numbness and even tingling sensations. It felt very random, because my mother stays ACTIVE 🏃🏾‍♀️🏋🏾‍♀️, often walking 12 miles casually.

She eventually got a major surgery from her falling accident. They told her it would take her SIX months to recover and return to work. Meanwhile, between heavy medicines, Jamaican Ginger Juice & God’s POWER, she was back working in FOUR months! When she told her doctor about her juicing intake, he agreed that the GINGER, a natural immune booster, was a major contributor to her detoxing success!

Speaking of detoxing, Mom takes pure ginger shots like it’s water. But, that’s a little too strong for me. So, here enters our perfect compromise: HOMEMADE GINGER JUICE. But before we get to juicing, let’s get back to the root 😉 and clarify some things!

What is Ginger?

Ginger is a plant with leafy stems and a yellowish green flower found in Asia, China, India, South America, Middle East and Africa. But the ginger roots are where we get all of the various health benefits. Ginger can be used in food, drinks, cosmetics and medicine.

The Benefits

  • Improves mobility of joints

  • Restores skin

  • Shortens surgery recovery time

  • Improves vocal health by lowering inflammation

Let’s show you how we make Homemade Ginger Juice with 10 easy steps.


  • 8 Clementines

  • Fuji Apples or Otaheite apples

  • 1 - 2 Garlic Cloves

  • 4 Ginger Roots

STEP 1. Cut and peel your Ginger Roots.

Typically, I grab my cutting board before I soak these into the colander & my silver bowl of water. You don’t have to remove all the skin off the ginger roots, but the more skin of the ginger you juice, the STRONGER it is.

STEP 2. Cut and peel your apples.

Cut and peel your apples but make sure not to juice the seeds. Those seeds may have harmful chemicals in them.

STEP 3. Cut and peel Garlic Cloves.

When I say, I had no idea that uncooked garlic was this pungent. 🤮 Be sparing with it because it will take you out of here! It’s SRKONGGG as PG County Legend, Jack Johnson, would say.

STEP 4. Mix & soak these peeled fruits & roots in a colander in a steel bowl of water for TEN minutes.

Why? Don’t get it twisted ---- All of these ingredients were chilling in dirt, pesticides & poo. So, we must soak them to get rid of dirt and all those unwanted particles.

STEP 5. Grab an even mix of peeled fruits & roots to stack into the juicer.

It’s important to gather an even blend of fruits and roots in each handful so that the taste is satisfying. When it’s not, it’s like a cocktail sip that tastes like straight alcohol.

STEP 6. Re-juice scraps.

After juicing all of the fruits and roots, scoop out the leftover food particles and rejuice them because we don’t believe in wasting no food over here in this Jamaican Household. #IYKYK 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲. Not to mention, these scraps can end up yielding 4 more ounces to your juices.



For all other root/fruit flesh scraps that can’t be juiced, do this:

  1. Pour boiling hot water over it and cover it.

  2. Steep for 24 hours

  3. Strain them into a ziploc bag and refrigerate it

  4. Use it as an additive to your Ginger Tea (especially useful for singers) or as ice cubes for iced tea.


STEP 7. Pour juice into a bowl first.

This intermediate step is because this juice needs to be strained of all its solid particles. We don’t want you over there CHEWING instead of sipping.

STEP 8. Strain through a fine strainer.

Fill up plastic cups with juice and pour it through your Mesh Stainless Steel Wire Strainer into large plastic tupperware. If needed, use a spoon for assistance.

STEP 9. Pour juice from plasticware into mason jars.

This juicing technique can result in 3 or 4 mason jars that’ll last you a month. Speaking of these air-tight mason jars, you can purchase them off of Amazon or just repurpose your used jars.

STEP 10. Put it in everything.

It works well in your iced tea, cocktail mixers, smoothies, or iced/hot teas.

Watch my mom and I CUT UP (get it?😆😆🤣) as we show y’all how to make a Ginger Juice from scratch!


P.S. Comment below and let me know how your Ginger Juice turns out!

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1 Comment

Elaine Hutchinson
Elaine Hutchinson
Mar 31, 2021

I know first hand to the steps of the health benefits of this Ginger magic portion, it's so healthy for you. Your body will thank you.

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