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Meet Tamara's Wellness Squad

Lately, I’ve been leveling up in different ways to get this body right. I promise you that it hasn’t been easy but just like my music…. I refuse to quit on myself.

The one lesson I learned last year was the endurance it took to sustain in HEELS week after week on The Voice. I realized that if I was ready for the next step in this career, I had to work on transforming my body, so that it would be ready to receive all that God had for it!

....But the same way it takes a whole village to raise a child, it takes a WHOLE SQUAD to get your body right! Meet MY WELLNESS SQUAD to see who has been helping me work it OWTTT!

Patrice “The Body Bully” Murphy

Patrice Murphy is a Personal Trainer, Crossfit Coach, and MixxedFit Instructor residing in Camp Springs, Maryland! She’s also the Founder of Curves & Gains, A Virtual Fitness Home for Personal and Group Fitness Classes. She graduated from North Carolina A & T State as a Biology PreMed and also attained a Sports Nutrition Diploma.

Her simple approach to fitness goes like this: “Eat Clean, Sleep Better and Exercise to Lose Weight!” With a combination of strength training, cardio, and FUN, she helps her clients reach their goals!

Find samples of her work HERE and SCHEDULE your session today! Use the code “SUPERWOMAN” at checkout for 30% off EVERYTHING on her site!

Morgan Keeton

Morgan Keeton is a Fitness Leader, Wellness Coach and Herbalife Advocate who also doubles as my workout partne!

From 2017 to now, she has had a transformational journey with her body and is a prime, real-life example of what hard work and determination can do… and she’s just getting STARTED! See the journey!

Join us for the “Let Me See You WALK” Walk at Lake Elkhorn Park in Columbia, MD, in-person, on Tuesday, April 20 at 6:30 PM. Register HERE. We plan to pump around the 1.8 mile track-- whether that means a slow stride or model strut is totally up to YOU!

DeAndrea “The Christian Sex Maven” Blaylock-Johnson

“Let’s talk About SEX. baby, Let’s talk about you and me…” with DeAndrea!

DeAndrea Blaylock-Johnson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Sex Therapist residing in Ferguson, Missouri. She is the founder of Sankofa Sex Therapy. She has been published in Women's Health Magazine and Ebony.

She believes that Black joy, love and pleasure are important and that everyone should give themselves space to experience it all, especially in a world that tries to deny us those very things!

So, join us for SuperWoman Wellness Week's Let’s Talk About Sex IG Live Chat where we’ll be talking about mental health, sex and everything in-between on Wednesday, April 21. Stay tuned in with @sankofasex on Instagram.

Matthew Johnson Harris

Matthew Johnson Harris is an Actor, Director, Choreographer and Fitness Professional. He specializes in High Intensity Interval Training and Fitness through Dance.

Recently he started the Physical Revival Challenge, a 34-day FREE challenge to work out with him for 30 minutes through fitness exercises and dance on Youtube! He conducts classes Monday through Friday at 6:30 PM EST and Saturday at 10:00 AM. Stay tuned to his class schedule HERE.

We will be doing a special HIIT Workout focusing on the Lower Body & Core on YouTube on Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM EST. Click HERE to join!

Geneva Dampare

Geneva Dampare is THEE Charcuterie Expert in the DMV and is the founder of The Curated Plate, offering locally sourced and thoughtfully curated boxes, boards and tables.

She understands how much it takes to create a special entertaining experience with your loved ones and treats her charcuterie boutique with that in mind.

Each board, named after musical catchphrases (‘Demo, Mixtape, etc.), can be coupled with The Curated Plate's offered playlists. Take a look at her delectable boards HERE!

Make sure to register for the Charcuterie Demo on Thursday, April 22 at 6:30 PM EST as part of the Superwoman Wellness Week.

Gabby Lubin

Gabby Lubin is a wellness professional, founder & CEO of spark by gabby.

How did it start, you ask? She graduated from Harvard with a Master’s in Education wanting to make an impact in education and social justice through fitness. Hence, spark by gabby was birthed. In this virtual classroom, she teaches HIIT, LIIT, core & more, spin, and stretch & breathe.

She believes being for the Black Lives Matter Movement requires more than an open letter to the public. It requires action. So, she has been intentional to make spark inclusive through music selection choices, charity classes as well as conversation. Each month, spark by Gabby hosts a conversation called Together, we learn where everyone is encouraged to discuss issues of race & racism in our society.

Speaking of her charity classes, I’ll be joining her for Sweat For Justice on Saturday, April 24 at 11 AM EST for a virtual workout where we learn, work, meditate and converse as part of the SuperWoman Wellness Week. Register HERE.


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