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Ask Tam: Tamara Jade Answers the Top 5 FAQs

Picture it...It’s October 21, 2020, two days after my Blind Audition on The Voice and my Instagram follower count was steadily climbing! On that literal day, I reached 10,000 followers! I was ready to be BLUE CHECK VERIFIED, HUNNYYY!

I wanted to send a major thank you to all my Good Luck Charms, old and new, so I decided to do a 10K Q & A session! You guys asked and I answered!

Check out the Top FIVE Questions below!

#1 - Who Are Your Favorite Singers To Perform?

My Answer: It would have to be a tie between Bob Marley and Aretha Franklin.

I love performing Aretha Franklin’s music. I think it’s very singable for me and is easy to connect to. Also, as far as performing, I think her music is the easiest for me to put my whole body into.

Check out my rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic ballad, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in the style of Aretha Franklin!

I really love singing Bob Marley’s music because it’s so timeless. I could easily do a whole Tribute Concert with an attendance of ME, MYSELF & I and would be just fine! LOL 😂😂

Check out my rendition of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” in a mashup!

#2 - What Advice Would You Give to Anyone Who Wants to Audition for The Voice ?

My Answer: Know who you are and what you want. It is one moment in time. Not an END GOAL. In other words, the whole competition is not designed to be your career, but a mere launch point. Ask yourself, “What do I want in my career and how can this function towards that?” Once you can answer that question, you'll know how to approach this opportunity properly.

After that point, you can put who you are into what you're doing with the intention of what you want out of it. That exact type of strategic intention is what got me to where I am today! It was ALL by design!

#3 - What Is Your Connection To Jamaica?

My Answer: I am a first-generation American by virtue of my Jamaican-born mother. My mother came to America at the age of ten!

FUN FACT: I used to spend my childhood vacations in Jamaica! I still have a Jamaican best friend from my time there. Hey Suzie Girl!

Now, my dream is to pour back into my Caribbean people with musical enrichment. I want to work with musicians there, perform concerts and even donate instruments! I would also aim to encourage them to know that music is a viable career option when equipped with the proper resources and support.

# 4 - What Advice Would You Give Your 10 Year Old Self?


Though I had mentors from here and there, I didn’t have a consistent Black woman as a mentor. Meanwhile, everyone was trying to offer me "practical" solutions based on their life experience. But truth is, there has to be a little innocence left to be crazy enough to chase your dreams.

To the parents, I repeat, Find MENTORS! There are some things you may not be able to help your child with and that's okay. If you can find a voice teacher, or a musician with good character, try to connect your child with them. You can also begin with taking your child to as many concerts as you can.

To the kids, I encourage you to dig in and learn as much as you can. If that means getting books on the subject to learn the inner workings of your craft, DO IT! It’s also important to research the gatekeepers of your field by reading autobiographies. All of this can help you arc out your path! Also, this same research may even help you recognize if you love it, but just don’t want to make it your life’s career.

#5 - How Has Music Helped You Evolve As a Human Being?

When it comes to music, I can be on the struggle bus and STILL keep going because my passion for this craft runs that deep. Through that inner passion and tenacity, I’ve learned a lot about problem solving, troubleshooting, and checking in with myself.

On that subject, the biggest lesson I learned from music was HOW TO ANALYZE LIFE. For example, when it comes to music, you have to be able to break it down into its multiple parts to discover a firm approach. When it comes to life, we can use the same technique to discover where the fault lies in our relationships. (Sometimes, it’s OUR fault! LOL) So, yes, music has also taught me how to be "Self Aware" --- which so happens to be the title of my latest EP!

Check it out here!

I love my GOOD LUCK CHARMS! To hear the rest of their questions, watch the full Q & A below!


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Elaine Hutchinson
Elaine Hutchinson
Apr 14, 2021

Great blog, T. Love your honest responses, it'll help many on their journey. Love the missing tooth pic, I remember

Tamara Jade
Tamara Jade
Apr 14, 2021
Replying to

Thank you so much for reading! You have been there through it all! ❤️

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