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Is Waxing for You?

5 Reasons I Switched to Waxing:

  1. It lasts longer. It is very annoying to shave daily or even multiple times per week. Even with depilatories, I was still having to do it 2 or 3 times per month! With waxing, you only have to do it every 4-6 weeks so once per month for all of your body hair.

  2. It’s the cleanest hair removal. Even with depilatories (Nair, Veet, etc.) I would have stubborn hairs. For some reason, even after leaving the cream on for the maximum recommended time, sometimes longer, I would still have areas of hair!

  3. The hair grows back thinner and less bushy. Overtime, my body hair has thinned out but since switching to waxing, it not only grows back thinner but is less bushy as well! This makes it so much easier to tame hairs when it’s close to maintenance. I don’t like to tweeze any hair on my body because it is unnecessarily painful to me so this allows you to look less like a gremlin in-between maintenance appointments.

  4. Less ingrown hairs and hair bumps. Because ALL of my body hair is curly, I experience ingrown hairs if I let them grow wildly. That even goes for my beady beads in the back and edges of my head, I get ingrown hairs there too if I don’t brush them. With waxing, I experience significantly fewer ingrown hairs and now that I’m back in the DMV temporarily, I’ll be able to see how my most ingrown hair-prone areas respond.

  5. Less itching & irritation when hair is growing back. Shaving causes me irritation and stubble quickly and it is very awkward and uncomfortable to scratch sensitive areas in public. This causes way less irritation in all areas that I usually experience itching when hair grows.


If you have bushy/curly brows, I suggest trying brow lamination. This is the process from start to finish on me:

1. Starting Point:

2. Halfway Point:

3. Final Result:

5 Post-Waxing Care Tips:

  1. DRINK WATER!!! The more supple and hydrated your skin is, the less painful it will be!

  2. Exfoliating gloves are your best friend when showering. They keep your whole body soft so they are a great addition to your overall shower routine. I got these for $4 at TJ Maxx!

  3. Snag an ingrown hair prevention product if you are prone to ingrown hairs. I use a Divine Derriere Razor Bumps Solution After Shave Repair Serum and it only cost me $20 and because you only need it for the first few days after hair removal, it lasts a long time!

  4. Don’t wait too long. The longer you wait, the more hair the wax has to adhere to, the more painful. It’s a temporary pain but still virgin waxes are always more painful than maintenance appointments.

  5. Get it all done at ONCE! I have a low pain tolerance so I’d rather do EVERYTHING in one sitting and be in pain in one session. I have to build up my courage and I just don’t think that’s sustainable more than once per month. It’s also the most convenient for your schedule and beneficial to the esthetician!


Do NOT take a chance on silently passing gas. It will not be silent without hair to muffle the sound. Trust me! 😂

Watch my latest visit at Lo Nicely Skin & Beauty in the video below.

You’ll see my honest reaction after I waited 8 MONTHS for my Brazilian maintenance! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Remember Tip 4? Yeah, you’ll see why! 😣

What: Use Coupon Code ”Tam10” (before 3/20) with my esthetician, LO NICELY!

Where: Lo Nicely Skin & Beauty, 7404 Executive Place Lanham, MD 20706


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