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4 Favorite Looks from The Voice

One of my favorite parts of my experience on The Voice was my time in WARDROBE! I love glam in general but fashion is really special to me because it is an immediate representation of your personality and how you feel. I got to see myself and allow the world to see me how I've always seen myself in my dreams! The wardrobe team consists of stylists, costumers, pattern makers, tailors and more! I will say that there was not ONE outfit I hated but these 4 REALLY stood out to me because they made me feel exactly how I made people feel! :)

Pattern On Print

The first of my faves is this rehearsal and interview look. My mom is the Queen of Fashion and Etiquette and I am the complete opposite: I break all the rules! And when I do, people always tell me how much they love the look on me! This was no different. I wanted to look age-appropriate but also still show my curves with a youthful edge. This look did JUST that! And I was comfortable in my black platform, chunky-heeled loafer! I knew I wanted to do big, fun hair because that's what I would normally wear to a rehearsal or during daytime activities.

Golden Goddess

The second look is actually the sister look to the first because it was the performance look to the rehearsal look and I wanted to come out showing my royalty but also keep the "Battle" theme for the Battle Round...see what I did there? So we went with the goddess theme and the jumpsuit almost fit perfectly when I tried it on! We discovered that jumpsuits are definitely MY thing and this helped to prove that! And don't forget THE BRAY-YAID!! I looked 6-feet tall...I am not.

I Mean Business: The White Suit

This look was super special because it was a FIRST TIME look for me. I had ALWAYS wanted to try a 3-piece suit look but it hadn't happened yet and it was the perfect timing because we had what felt like limitless resources! They actually did SO MUCH to make this suit happen and at times, it was stressful but everyone was committed to pulling the look off flawlessly and WE DID THAT!! It paired perfectly with my performance of Stevie Wonder's Higher Ground! It was definitely my favorite performance and FAVORITE look of the season!

Check out the performance HERE or click the picture above.

The Bronze Farewell

The last look was my last look. I LOVED this dress because it was a last minute option. We decided on a different look but the day of the Live Top 9 show, I got called in for a last minute fitting and this dress was PERFECT...or so I thought! Miss Kim, the pattern maker and lead tailor came through and snatched that thing up with the pins and it became NEW!! I felt like if it was going to be my last night (and I knew it was) I wanted to go out with how I wanted the world to see me: READY to SOAR!!

Check out my performances from the show before they delete them HAHA!

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