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AwesomlieYou Period Panty Review

Aaliyah is an 11 year old entrepreneur and actress, based in New York. I came across her Instagram profile and decided to give her period panties a try! I was hooked and I'm so excited to tell you why! But first, get to know this amazing young Queen!

Here is a little about her:

Hi, I’m Aaliyah, an 11 year old entrepreneur and actress, based in New York. I’m here to provide you with all of your personal needs! I like to draw, paint, read and edit. I especially like making DIY things such as body butter, arts and crafts, etc. My favorite color is light pink. I love Christmas because there is snow and everything feels magical! Speaking of Magical, I hope you have a Magical shopping experience! And remember, be awesome, stay awesome! -Awesomeliyou 🤗


We all have weird and uncomfortable things that happen during our periods. One of those things for me in pain in my uterus when there are sudden movements like hitting a speed bump in car. I have no idea why it happens but if someone hits the brake or a speed bump too hard, I feel it deeply in the pit of my stomach and it HURTS!

The period panties help keep my stomach compressed so I don’t feel pain when a sudden movement happens! I remember bracing myself for impact and feeling nothing and realizing, the period panties held my stomach in tightly so it didn’t hurt this time!


We ALL know about the sneeze leaks! Even at 31, I haven’t mastered the art of the pad placement and I at least have one or two times during EVERY period of menstruation where I leak.

Well BABY, I accidentally forgot to wear a pad before my workout once and even without a pad on for a 30 min HIIT workout, NO LEAKS!! Now this isn’t even how you’re supposed to wear them and they still didn’t leak! 🤯

Thick & Flexible

Maxi pads can feel like diapers sometimes and honestly, I don’t always hate that because I feel secure lol BUT sometimes, the feel of pads makes me feel stiff! The thickness and flexibility of the material makes me feel so secure and safe! I don’t feel like I have to just sit in one place and think good thoughts lol


I know your period is prime time Granny Panty season BUT sometimes, I still want to feel a little sexy during my period. Well, these aren’t shaped like granny panties even though they offer the same level of comfort and security. I throw on my black bra and voila, a matching bra and panty set and suddenly, I don’t feel both untouchable AND unattractive!

I absolutely, 100% recommend trying these for your period! I won't say I look forward to my periods now but I certainly don't feel as much anxiety around what to wear during that time! There is even an adorable First Period Gift Set that I can't wait to get for my nieces when the time comes! Use the code "TamaraJade" at checkout for a discount on your order HERE.

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